how rude!

Here are our policies, procedures, and studio etiquette to ensure new—and seasoned—practitioners have an amazing hot room experience!

Before Class

New students need to arrive 10 minutes before class to allow enough time to fill out paperwork, sign in, take a tour of the studio, and get any questions answered.

Check in at the front desk before dropping your mat and heading to the yoga room.

BE ON TIME! Class starts on time, no late entry is allowed.

Leave shoes in the designated shoe area. Shoes are not allowed anywhere in the studio.

No gum or food allowed in the yoga room.

Please leave all personal belongings in the locker rooms. Nothing is allowed in the yoga room except water, towel, and mat (meaning purses, keys phones, shoes, bags—EVERYTHING ELSE—stays outside.

Avoid wearing perfume, body oils, makeup, and/or jewelry to class.

Wear comfortable, snug fitting yoga clothes. Women typically wear shorts or pants and a sports top. Men typically wear swim trunks, bicycle shorts, or a Speedo.

Please place the top left hand corner of your mat on any designated number. Never set your mat down directly in front of someone else’s mat.

Come to class well hydrated, with an empty stomach (no food 3 hours before class), and ready to work hard!

During Class

Leave your ego (and what you think you know) at the door! Come to your mat with humility and a ready-to-learn attitude.

Leave your negative thoughts (and what you think you can’t do) at the door! You are what you think. If you think negatively, it’s much harder to have a positive experience on and off the mat.

Practice the art of listening. Follow the instructor and try honestly to do what they are telling you to do. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you follow their instructions and try the right way!

Try really hard to eliminate excess movements between postures. This means no fidgeting, wiping sweat, looking around the room, etc. It’ll be hard at first, but awareness is half the battle!

If you need to take a knee during class, do so mindfully. Be aware that while you might need a rest your neighbor is still deep in their meditation and practice. Be respectful by staying still.

Water breaks are designated by the teacher. If you need additional water during class, take it between postures.

Stay in the room during class. Leaving the room is disruptive to your practice and to your fellow students.

Stay until class has ended and the teacher has dismissed you by saying “Namaste”. Leaving class early is not permitted and is considered rude to the teacher and other students.

Enjoy your final Savasana. You worked hard and your mind and body will enjoy the rest!

After Class

Be quiet as you exit the yoga room.

The floors are often slippery, so use caution and watch your step.

Yoga mats aren’t permitted in the locker rooms. After class, please put your mat outside in front of the studio.

Rental mats should left on the floor in the yoga room.

Limit shower time to 1 minute (its a rinse off only) to conserve water and to give everyone the opportunity to use the shower in a timely manner.

The studio closes 10 minutes after the last afternoon and evening classes have finished. Please be respectful of the instructor’s time.

Practice cleanliness in the studio by throwing away trash, flushing the toilet, etc.

Drink plenty of water.

Last but not least, thank yourself. The work you did was hard and deserves recognition. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way!